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HOTELSUP-HGR-RING-ACSDMTL   "A" Closed Metal Ring for Pinhead Hangers 106600
HOTELSUP-HGR-RING-BSPLMTL   "B" Split Metal Ring for Pinhead Hangers 106601
HOTELSUP-HGR-HVYDUTYPLASTIC   17" Heavy Duty Clear Plastic Hanger Item # 101000
HOTELSUP-HGR-PLASDRESSCL   17" Super Heavyweight Dress Hanger Clear Plastic 103002
HOTELSUP-HGR-WOODSUIT   18" Hanger Wood Suit w/Wood Bar in Natural Wood HW020
HOTELSUP-CLOTHRE   1st Class Retractable Clothesline - Rust Proof 8ft Extension, Nylon Cord
KITCHEN-BOTTLEOPEN-3IN1   3 in 1 Bottle Opener w/Cork Screw, Knife and Lever
KITCHEN-OVNMIT/TEATWLPOHLD   3 Piece Kitchen Set Includes Matching Tea Towel/Pot Holder/Kitchen Mit
KITCHEN-KN-BREAD   8" Bread Knife with Serated Edge & Plastic Black Handle - Stainless Blade
BATH-TOWEL-BM-ADONIS-WH   Adonis White Bath Mat 20x30 - 100% Ring Spun Cotton
BATH-TOWEL-BT-ADONIS-WH   Adonis White Bath Towel 25x50 - 10.5lbs per dz - 100% Ring Spun Cotton - Full Terry
BATH-TOWEL-FC-ADONIS-WH   Adonis White Face Cloth 13x13 - 1lbs per dz - 100% Ring Spun Cotton - Full Terry
BATH-TOWEL-HT-ADONIS-WH   Adonis White Hand Towel 16x28 - 3.6lbs per dz - 100% Ring Spun Cotton - Full Terry
HOTELSUP-CURLIN-ANDIS   Andis Curling Iron Temp II 37950 w/2 Heat Settings
HOTELSUP-HGR-WOODPSKCP   Anti Theft Wood Suit Hanger w/Pinhead and Metal Bar/Skirt Clips 106662
HOTELSUP-HGR-WOODPINHSUIBR   Anti Theft Wood Suit Hanger w/Pinhead and Wood Bar 106661
CLOTH-APR-4WAYBLK   Apron 4 way Black Visa
CLOTH-APR-4WAYWH   Apron 4 Way White
CLOTH-APR-BIBASCLR   Apron Bib 3 Pocket 8oz - Assorted Colours Available
CLOTH-APR-BIBPOCBLA   Apron Bib Poly/Cot Black 3Pocket
CLOTH-APR-BIBWH   Apron Bib White
CLOTH-APR-BISWHI   Apron Bistro White 1 pocket
CLOTH-APR-WAIBLK   Apron Waiter Black 3 pocket
KITCHEN-COOKSH-BS-MEDNONT   Baker's Secret Medium Non-Stick Cookie Sheet
HOTELSUP-BART-BLU   Bar Towel 16X19 Blue
HOTELSUP-BART-BR   Bar Towel 16x19 Brown
HOTELSUP-BART-WH   Bar Towel 16x19 White
HOTELSUP-BART-WHITE WSTIPE   Bar Towel 16x19 White w/green/gold/blue stripe
BATH-SHOWRING-METAL   Basic Metal (Zinc) Non-Corrosive Shower Ring
FLAG-BCNYLON   BC Flag Nylon 72x36
FLAG-BCPOLY   BC Flag Polyester 72x36
CLOTH-APR-BIB2POCKBLKCUST   Bib Apron 2 pocket with adjustable neck strap - custom design
CLOTH-APR-BIBPOLYTWILLWH   Bib Apron Poly Twill White 7.5oz
HOMECAR-BIB-WPWH1836TER   Bib Overhead Terry 18x36 White
HOMECAR-BIB-WPYELBLPLDSNA   Bib Waterproof 18x36 Yellow and Blue Plaid 70836SY
HOMECAR-BIB-SNABLU-70836SB   Bib with Snaps 18x36 Blue 70836SB
CLOTH-APR-BIB-NOPOCKBLK   Black Bib Apron No Pocket No Adjustable Strap
CLOTH-CHEFHATBLK   Black Chef Hat w/Velcro Close CW01 65/35 Poly/Cotton
CLOTH-CHEFJAC-PLBUTBLK721P   Black Chef Jacket Plastic Button 721-P 65/35 Poly/Cotton
BEDDING-BLK-THERTWH   Blanket Thermal 72x90 White Blue Pink Cream 100pcnt Cotton .5lbs per unit
KITCHEN-BO-WALLM   Bottle Opener Wall Mounted
FLAG-CAN45X90NYL   Canada Flag Nylon 45x90
FLAG-CAN54X108NYL   Canada Flag Nylon 54x108
FLAG-CANNYLON   Canada Flag Nylon 72x36
FLAG-CANPOLY   Canada Flag Polyester 72x36
KITCHEN-CANDLEMG8   Candle Emergency 8"
HOTELSUP-LAUNBAG-CANVAS-NTL   Canvas Natural Ivory Coloured Laundry Bag 28x36
BEDDING-PILLOW-QU-CSXT   Celestial Slumber Queen Pillow Extra Thick - Piped Edge, Double Stitched
BEDDING-PILLOW-ST-CSXT   Celestial Slumber Standard Pillow Extra Thick
CLOTH-PANT-PLEATCHK   Chef Pant Pleated Check
CLOTH-PANT-PLEATWH   Chef Pants Pleated White
HOTELSUP-STEAMER-CONAIR   Conair Fabric Steamer - 2 Lt Capacity - w/1 Yr Manufacturer Waranty
KITCHEN-CUTLERY-CONCERTO   Concerto 6 Piece Place Setting -Tab/Tea Spoon, Kn, Din/Des Fork, Soup Spoon
CLOTH-PANT-COOKWH   Cook Pants White with Zipper
CLOTH-SPA-BW-CTJPU-OSFA   Cot/Terry/Jersey Pullup Spa Wrap w/Elastic Waist & Drawstring OSFA - 5011
CLOTH-SPA-BW-CTJPU-XL   Cot/Terry/Jersey Pullup Spa Wrap w/Elastic Waist & Drawstring XL - 5011
BEDDING-ST-CRIBFTDWH   Crib Fitted Sheet White T180 50/50 Polyester/Cotton
BATH-SHOWROD-CURV-SM   Curved Shower Rod Chrome - 5ft
BATH-SHOWROD-CURV-LG   Curved Shower Rod Chrome - 6ft
KITCHEN-DC-15X15   Dish Cloth 15x15 - 2" Squares - Assorted Colours
KITCHEN-DISHTRAY-DRWHSET   Dish Drainer Rack & Tray White 18x15
KITCHEN-DISHTRAYCUP-IVPL   Dish Tray Cup for Dish Drainer Ivory Plastic
HOTELSUP-UMBRELLA-BAGLG   Disposable Plastic Large Umbrella Bags
HOTELSUP-UMBRELLA-BAGSM   Disposable Plastic Small Umbrella Bags
HOTELSUP-SIGNDND-R742299   Do Not Disturb Signage - Multi-language
BEDDING-MATPAD-DBL-EL   Double Elegance Mattress Pad 54x75 with a Stretch Knit Skirt (15-18")
BEDDING-ST-DLBFTCHAM180   Double Fitted Sheet Champagne T180
BEDDING-ST-DBLFTDWH200   Double Fitted Sheet White T200 54x80x12
BEDDING-ST-DBLFTDXLT300WH   Double Fitted XL Sheet T300 54x80x15
BEDDING-ST-DBLFTXLDT250WH   Double Fitted XL Sheet White T250 54x80x14
BEDDING-ST-DLBFLCHAM180   Double Flat Sheet Champagne T180
BEDDING-ST-DBLFLTT250WH   Double Flat Sheet T250 84x115
BEDDING-ST-DBLFLTWHT180   Double Flat Sheet White T180 81x108
BEDDING-ST-DBLFLTXLT300   Double Flat XL Sheet T300 White 85x115
BEDDING-MATPAD-DBL-AR   Double Hospitality Anchor Mattress Pad 54x76
BEDDING-MATPAD-DBL-CR   Double Hospitality Contour Mattress Pad 54x76
CLOTH-ROB-DBLLYWFLRG   Double Layer Waffle Large Spa Robe White
CLOTH-ROB-DBLWAFOSFA   Double Layer Waffle Robe OSFA Poly/Cotton White
CLOTH-ROB-DBLLYWFXL   Double Layer Waffle XL Spa Robe White
CLOTH-ROB-DBLLYWFXXL   Double Layer Waffle XXL Spa Robe White
CLOTH-ROB-DBLLYWAFXXXL   Double Layer Waffle XXXL Spa Robe White
BEDDING-MATPRO-DBL-V   Double Mattress Protector Vinyl
BEDDING-DUV-DBL-NP   Double Novo Suite Duvet with Clustre Fibre Fill in Baffle Box Construction - 50z
BEDDING-MATPRO-DBL-NS   Double Novoshield Mattress Protector 54x75x15
BEDDING-MATPAD-DBLXL-EL   Double XL Elegance Mattress Pad 54x80 with a Stretch Knit Skirt (15-18")
BEDDING-ST-DBLFTDXLCHAM180   Double XL Fitted Sheet Champagne T180
BEDDING-ST-DBLXLFTDT180WHSX   Double XL Fitted Sheet White T180 54x80x12
BEDDING-ST-DBLXLFLTT200WH   Double XL Flat Sheet White T200 81x115
BEDDING-MATPAD-DBLXL-AR   Double XL Hospitality Anchor Mattress Pad 54x80
BEDDING-MATPAD-DBLXL-CR   Double XL Hospitality Contour Mattress Pad 54x80
BEDDING-MATPRO-DBLX-NS   Double XL Novoshield Mattress Protector 54x80
CLOTH-SPA-SLIP-DYNST-OPENTOE   Dynamic Steps Rounded Toe Slipper XL
CLOTH-SPA-SLIP-DYST-WMNVEL   Dynamic Steps Womens Slippers Velcro XL w/squareToe - White, Pink, or Green
BATH-SHOWCURT-HGR-DY3040   Dynasty Shower Curtain 72x72 Hunter Green
HOTELSUP-LUGRACK-ELITE-WD   Elite Wooden Luggage Rack with Tan Straps - Natural Finish
BATH-SHOWCURT-HKLESS-WH-ENGLEW   Englewood Beige or White Hookless 71x77 Polyester Shower Curtain
FLAG-AB54x27   Flag Nylon Alberta 54x27
FLAG-BC18x9   Flag Nylon BC 18x9
FLAG-BC24x12   Flag Nylon BC 24x12
FLAG-BC36x18   Flag Nylon BC 36x18
FLAG-BC54x27   Flag Nylon BC 54x27
FLAG-CAN18x9   Flag Nylon Canada 18x9
FLAG-CAN24X12   Flag Nylon Canada 24x12
FLAG-CAN36x18   Flag Nylon Canada 36x18
FLAG-CAN54x27   Flag Nylon Canada 54x27
FLAG-MAN54x27   Flag Nylon Manitoba 54x27
FLAG-NFL54x27   Flag Nylon Newfoundland 54x27
FLAG-PROVSET72x36   Flag Nylon Provincial Set (14) 72x36 Nylon
FLAG-QUEBEC54x27   Flag Nylon Quebec 54x27
FLAG-UNIONJK54x27   Flag Nylon Union Jack 54x27
FLAG-USA24x12   Flag Nylon USA 24x12
FLAG-USA36x18   Flag Nylon USA 36x18
FLAG-USA54x27   Flag Nylon USA 54x27
FLAG-USA72x36   Flag Nylon USA 72x36
FLAG-UNIONJK72X36   Flag Union Jack Nylon 72x36
BEDDING-BLK-FLC-DBL   Fleece Blanket Double 80x90
BEDDING-BLK-FLC-KG   Fleece Blanket King 108x90
BEDDING-BLK-FLC-QU   Fleece Blanket Queen 90x90
BEDDING-BLK-FLC-TW   Fleece Blanket Twin 72x90
CLOTH-SPA-HBWHELS   Full Terry Elastic White Spa Head Band
BATH-SHOWRING-CHRGLDHK   Glide Shower Hook Chrome
HOTELSUP-HDWM-1200WATTH   Hair Dryer Wall Mounted 1200 Watt White
HOTELSUP-HDWM-1600WAND   Hair Dryer Wall Mounted Andis 1600 Watt 30135 White
HOTELSUP-HGR-PLASSUITCLCLPS   Hanger Clear Plastic Suit w/Clips
HOTELSUP-HGR-PLASSMALLCK   Hanger Small Plastic 100/cse
HOTELSUP-HGR-WOODSKIRTCLPS   Hanger Wood Skirt w/Clips 106671
CLOTH-SPA-HB-TERVEL-OSFA   Headband Spa Terry Velcro Close
CLOTH-SPA-HB-WAFVEL-OSFA   Headband Spa Waffle Velcro Close
BATH-SHOWCURT-HKLESS-WH-HER   Herringbone Beige or White Hookless 71x74 Polyester Shower Curtain
KITCHEN-DC-HER   Herringbone Dish Cloth - 15X15 - Coloured Stripes
KITCHEN-TEATWL-HB   Herringbone Tea Towel - 19x29 - Coloured Vertical Stripes
HOMECAR-HT-HUCKTOWELGR   Hospital Huck Towel - Lint Free 17x30 Green
HOTELSUP-ICEBUCWHI3QT   Ice Bucket 3 Qt Wht/liner/lid/handles 9032
HOTELSUP-LAUNBAG-MIP-ORTAP   Impermeable Laundry Bag 24x30 Tapered Blue, Orange, Yellow or White
HOTELSUP-LAUNBAG-IMP-GRQU   Impermiable Laundry Bag 30x40 Square Shaped Green, Blue
HOMECAR-INCONPAD-3445-QUIL   Incontinent Bed Pad 34x45 Light Blue and Pink 2708AB
HOMECAR-INCONPAD-3445-QLGR   Incontinent Bed Pad 34x45 Light Green and White MIP
HOMECAR-INCONPAD-3436-QUIL   Incontinent Quilted Bed Pad 34x36 Light Green 500Q
HOMECAR-INSERT790LG   Insert - Quilted Chamonix - Large
HOMECAR-INSERT-RT790XL   Insert - Quilted Chamonix - X Large
HOTELSUP-IRON-BWCOV-REG   Iron Board with Cover Regular Size w/Silver Cover 54"
BEDDING-PILPRO-KG-ANTI-ALLERGY   King Anti-Allergy Pillow Protector - Cotton Cover, Water and Mite Proof
BEDDING-PILLOW-KG-CS   King Celestial Slumber Pillow Double Stitched, Piped Edge
BEDDING-DUVPRO-KG-T180   King Duvet Protectors T180 White
BEDDING-MATPAD-KG-EL   King Elegance Mattress Pad 78x80 with a Stretch Knit Skirt (15-18")
BEDDING-PILLOW-KG-ELITE   King Elite Micro Gel Pillow
BEDDING-ST-KGFTDCHAM220   King Fitted Sheet Champagne T220
BEDDING-ST-KGFTDCHAM180   King Fitted Sheet ChampagneT180
BEDDING-ST-KGFTD180WH   King Fitted Sheet White T180 78x80x12
BEDDING-ST-KGFTDT200WH   King Fitted Sheet White T200 78x80x12
BEDDING-ST-KGFTDT200DWHP   King Fitted Sheet White T200 78x80x14
BEDDING-ST-KGFTD14WH25014KT   King Fitted Sheet White T250 78x80x14
BEDDING-ST-KGFTD15WH300   King Fitted Sheet White T300 78x80x15
BEDDING-ST-KGFLTCHAM180   King Flat Sheet Champagne T180
BEDDING-ST-KGFLTCHAM220   King Flat Sheet Champagne T220
BEDDING-ST-KGFLTXLWH200   King Flat Sheet White T200
BEDDING-MATPAD-KG-AR   King Hospitality Anchor Mattress Pad 78x80
BEDDING-MATPAD-KG-CR   King Hospitality Contour Mattress Pad 78x80
BEDDING-DUV-KG-NP   King Novo Suite Duvet with Cluster Fibre Fill in Baffle Box Construction - 68 oz
BEDDING-MATPRO-KG-NS   King Novoshield Mattress Protector 78x80
BEDDING-PILPRO-KG-NS   King Pillow Protector Novoshield
BEDDING-PILPRO-KGFLAP-14000   King Pillow Protector with Flap
BEDDING-PILPRO-KGZIP-14001   King Pillow Protector with Zip
BEDDING-PILCAS-KG-T180-C   King Pillowcase Champagne T180
BEDDING-PILCAS-KG-T200-WH   King Pillowcase T200 White 42x46
BEDDING-DUV-KG-SD   King Serenity Grey Duck Down Duvet
BEDDING-ST-KGFLTXLWH300   King Sheet Flat XL White T300 108x118
BEDDING-PILCAS-KG-T180-WH   King T180 Pillowcase White 42x46
BEDDING-PILCAS-KG-T250-WH   King T250 Pillowcase White 42x46
BEDDING-DUV-KG-W4   King Wool Duvet - 4 Season
BEDDING-ST-KGFLTXLCHAM220   King XL Flat Sheet Champagne T220
BEDDING-ST-KGFLTXLT180WH   King XL Flat Sheet White T180 108X115
BATH-SHOWCURT-HKLESS-WHCHR-LIT   Litchfield Beige or White Hookless 71x74 Poly w/Chrome Split Ring Shower Curtain
CLOTH-ROB-WFSLOSFA   LMC Single Layer Waffle OSFA Spa Robe White - Polyester/Cotton
HOTELSUP-LUGRACK-HBCHROME   Luggage Rack Chrome/Black Straps - High Back
HOTELSUP-LUGRACK-NBCHROME   Luggage Rack Chrome/Black Straps - No Back
BEDDING-MATPAD-TW-LUX   Luxury Twin Mattress Pad - 100% Cotton - High Quality - 19 oz
BATH-SHOWRING-CHRBALLHK   Mainstays Shower Ring Chrome Metal Ball Hook
KITCHEN-MEASCUP16OZ   Measuring Cup 16oz
HOTELSUP-LAUNBAG-MESH-1724   Mesh Laundry Bag 17x24 with Drawstring and ID Tags
HOTELSUP-LAUNBAG-MESH-2436   Mesh Laundry Bag 24x36 with Drawstring and ID Tags
CLOTH-ROB-MICRO-IV-MED   Microfibre Ivory Medium Robe
CLOTH-ROB-MICRO-IV-LG   Microfibre Large Ivory Robe
CLOTH-ROB-MICFO-IV-XL   Microfibre XL Ivory Spa Robe
KITCHEN-DW-MUG-CLGL   Mug Clear Glass - Crisa 0095-00
KITCHEN-OVMITASTCLR   Multi-coloured Oven Mit Pair
HOTELSUP-LINEN-NAP-LTOL20X20   Napkins Encore 20x20 Coloured
HOTELSUP-LINEN-NAP-WH20X20   Napkins Encore 20x20 White
HOTELSUP-LINEN-NAP-WHSPPOLY   Napkins Spun Polyester 20x20 White Merrowed Edge
HOTELSUP-SIGN-NOSMOKE 5x5   No Smoking Clear Vinyl Adhesive 5x5
HOTELSUP-SIGN-NOSMOKE   No Smoking Signage Tent 3.5x3.5

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